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merlin_ldws's Journal

Merlin Last Drabble Writer Standing
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Hello! Welcome to merlin_ldws, a Last Drabble Writer Standing community! We are now a Merlin/Arthur and Bradley/Colin community, and all future rounds will be focused on these two pairings. However, that doesn't mean bashing of other pairings/characters/cast/crew will be tolerated! Honest opinions are welcome, negativity is not. Please leave all drama at the door.

Congratulations to our Round One winner, tetsubinatu! Keep watching for Round Two!

1) NO bashing of characters/pairings/cast/crew.

2) NO wank!

3) Seriously, be nice. I honestly don't want to be forced to ban anybody.

4) Please consider using a beta. Betas are GOOD.

5) Grounds for disqualification: Not turning your drabble in on time; going over the 300 word limit; revealing which drabble is yours before that week's winner is announced.

6) NO sexual situations for characters under the age of 16! Otherwise, anything goes.

7) Don't stress. This is supposed to be fun.

how it works
1) Each round will last for ten weeks. We'll start off with sixteen players, and each week for the first five weeks two players will be eliminated. For the next four weeks one player will be eliminated. For the final week there will only be two players to vote for!

2) Round Two will be starting soon! Fail!mod is fail and overdid it with fest stuff. Details on Round Two coming soon!

3) For the purposes of this community, a drabble is considered anything between 100 and 300 words. No less, no more!

4) All drabbles must include the appropriate html tags, and please leave a blank line between each paragraph!

5) All drabbles must be emailed to me at dreamdustmama@yahoo.com by 5:00 pm EST every Wednesday. I will post the drabbles anonymously on Thursday, and voting will remain open until 11:59 pm EST on Saturday. The results and following week's prompts will go up on Sunday, along with a feedback post for that week's drabbles.


Disclaimers: Merlin is owned by the BBC and Shine. All works written for the challenges here are done so with no copyright infringement intended and no profit being made. All characters engaged in sexual situations are 16 years of age or older. All RPS drabbles are fictional and have nothing to do with the real Bradley James and Colin Morgan. No offense is intended.